Captain Frank Medina & Tifaimoana ….

The Tuna Seiners Captain Frank Medina, and The Tifaimoana , docked in Samoa in the 1980’s. Share your photos at [email protected] or on Twitter @sdtunaboats

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  1. Hello my name is Andreas Rosen. I was the assistant engineer and Tifaimoana in American Samoa.
    My Chief engineer was Pete Coster and the Captain was Jorge Souza

  2. Hello, My name is Marsi Cuscito Salmi. I’m the Daughter of Captain Mike Cuscito who owned in part the tuna seiner Blue Dolphin in San Diego. He passed in 1975, but as his 50 year anniversary approaches, plans to celebrate his life are more relevant than ever with my grandchildren. I’m looking for a photo of his boat. We commissioned a painting back in the late 60’s I’d love to find or by miracle recover it. Thanks for being here!

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