Sea Quest…..

Launch Day for the Tuna Seiner Sea Quest in 1970 at San
Diego Marine Shipyard. Share your memories at or on Twitter @sdtunaboats


The LoCoco Family sends in this photo of The Tifaimoana , cruising in The San Diego Bay. This seiner was built in 1979 by Martinac Shipyard and is still fishing today under its  new name  Cape Finisterre.  Share your memories at or on Twitter @sdtunaboats

LoCoco Brothers….

This photo is of The LoCoco Brothers aboard The Gina Karen. From left to right  Francesco LaCoco , Deck Boss, Pasquale LoCoco , Chief Engineer, and on the right Pietro LoCoco , Navigator. Share your memories at or on Twitter @sdtunaboats

Uncle Louie…

The Seiner Uncle Louie ready to let go once the weather clears. Share your photos at or on Twitter @sdtunaboats

Cefalu, Balistreri…

This is a great photo of The Antonina C crew members John Cefalu and Frank Balistreri in the galley collecting their new pink card . If you fished you know all about pink cards. . or on Twitter @sdtunaboats

Jeanette Diana…

The Tuna Seiner Jeanette Diana in Cairns Australia. Share your photos at or on Twitter @sdtunaboats

Mary Antoinette….

Happy New Year. I wanted to start the New Year off with a photo of The Mary Antoinette for Owner ,Mr John Zolezzi . Over the last year I got to know John and he’s a wonderful man. I walk around the neighborhood and I pass his house , he comes out from time to time and we chat fishing for a while , what a man , I love soaking up  his stories and memories of the fleet . Once in a while his son John 240, will also stop by or his neighbor Matt Freitas will be outside and damn is that a good time . Have a Blessed 2022 and share your photos with us at or on Twitter @sdtunaboats

Broadway Pier…

A look back at The Broadway Pier, with all the seiners docked on the south side, I’m guessing it was Christmas time . A follower sent this to me so I’m not taking credit for this photo but I do appreciate it. Share your photos at or on Twitter @sdtunaboats

Elizabeth C.J ….

Susan Soares sends in this photo of her Dads model of The Elizabeth C.J , made for him by Joe Silva . Wow does this bring back memories, my good friend lived right across the street and I used to ride my bike as a kid to his house , hoping the garage was open and I could get a look inside to see Joe’s models. Share your photos at or on Twitter @sdtunaboats

Sea Treasure ….

The Tuna Seiner Sea Treasure, letting goof its net in a set. This seiner is definitely one of my favorites , built by Martinac Shipyard. Share your photos and memories at or on Twitter @sdtunaboats