South Coast…

This is a photo of The Tuna Seiner South Coast, docked at The Embarcadero. This photo goes out to Dr Glazener who helped me out with a procedure recently in the hospital , and to his brother Charlie who now lives in Virginia who fished on this boat. I guess you never know where you will run into someone connected to the Tuna Industry. Please share your photos at [email protected] or on Twitter @sdtunaboats

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  1. Two trips, ’67 and ’69 in high school. 28 days and 52 days. The Marks brothers were the owners and Janus was a neighbor. Great summer job. Also worked at the Westgate Cannery and made the trip to ‘Pedro’ several times to unload. Mostly on National Steel boats. Not many can remember the difference b/t 250 ton wooden boats then and the 1200 ton super seiners that were beginning to be the norm. They were too fast, too big, too efficient and today the most modern fishing fleet in the world that was in San Diego is no more. No seiners at the Embarcadero, no canneries in Logan Barrio, no shipbuilding at Campbells. My experience was just a tiny glimpse of what was such a dynamic industry developed by mostly first generation Americans that began, flourished and ended with the second generation.

  2. Did 2 trips, ’67 and ’69. 28 and 52 days. Enjoyed every minute. The boats got too big, too fast and too efficient. In 2 generations, started by mostly immigrants, what was the most modern fishing fleet in the world was gone. No seiners at the embarcadero and no canneries in Logan Barrio.

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