John Zolezzi …

Im very sad to announce the passing of John Zolezzi . John was a big part of the fleet and owned the seiner, Mary Antoinette. Personally its a big loss for me, I really enjoyed talking to John on my walks past his house or when he saw me  walking by, he always pulled over and we chatted. I got the opportunity today to speak to his Son,John (240) as many people know him by and he said “my dad treated everyone so nice”, and  I couldn’t agree more . You will be missed my friend and the neighborhood will never be the same. My condolences to The Zolezzi Family.

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  1. Hi, I am Cheryl Marie. My dad John, named the ship after me. He was friends with Mr. Zolezzi. My dad made his last trip and passed from this earth in 2008 after a battle with cancer and the damage from the treatments. He had so many good friends that were his long time partners in the fishing business. They had a lot of fun giving eachother a hard time. He spoke very highly of his friends, Mr Zolezzi being one of them and enjoyed their friendship. These men were a special breed. They may have complained sometimes but when it came down to it, I doubt many of them would have done it any different, they were the cowboys of the ocean and they did things their way. Their history is pretty impressive.

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