Margarete Z….

The Tuna Seiner Margarete Z , built by Campbells in 1989 . A new look and one of the last Seiners built in San Diego . Share your photos at or on Twitter @sdtunaboats

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  1. My Father was the Chief for a couple of trips on this ship, Way back in the 90’s
    He was on quite a few ships actually. This one. The Laura Ann, The Big Z. Im sure there are a few I’m forgetting. It was quite the experience getting to travel to places like Guam, Samoa, Tinian, New Zealand. I was young. Like about 10 or 12 the last time I set foot on any of the above mentioned ships. Im 41 now and my dad passed this year. But Ive been on all those boats🙂
    Ed Purcell was my father’s name in case anyone was wondering.

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