Sea Hawk…

This is  a beautiful photo of The Seiner Sea Hawk heading out of San Diego Bay. Thank you to Patti Dutra for sharing this great photo . Share your memories at or on Twitter @sdtunaboats

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  1. The Sea Hawk was my dad’s boat. My name is Johnny N. Dutra Jr. Thanks for this site Jimmy and thank you to Patti for providing one of the great shots of the Sea Hawk leaving the harbor with the San Diego Charger colored Bell 47 Helicopter and the skiff named the Jamie Lyn after his daughter, my sister. Johnny N Dutra Sr. passed away in January 1986 at 42 and his wife, Nanci S. Dutra just passed away in January 2020 at 72. They are survived by their daughter Jamie L Dutra, son Johnny N Dutra Jr., his wife Triana D Dutra and their grandchildren Johnny (Jack) N Dutra III and James Lawson Dutra.

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